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 If Elected I will work on the following:

  • Tax reform: work hard and keep more of what you make 
  • Practical gun laws: let's stop turning law abiding citizens into criminals
  • Health Care Reform: allow competition from across state lines without the need to form corporations in each state
  • Reduce the waste and fraud in the system
  • Drug price reduction plan: we should pay no more than the least amount charged to other countries
  • Executive Pay Caps and Taxing Non-profits  
  • Criminal Reform: Help create a path for those that served their time to become productive citizens
  • Government Overreach 

What I support: 

  • The American Dream 
  • A woman's right to choose
  • Law Inforcement 
  • Teachers /Education
  • Veterans
  • Parental rights
  • Mental Health Initiative and Awareness 
  • Green Acres Project 
  • Term Limits
  • Small Business


Committee to Elect david Schmidt
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